Easy Steps To Changing The Oil In A Pressure Washer


A pressure washer has a pump as one of its primary features. Without it, the machine cannot work effectively. Furthermore, your machine needs to have clean oil for optimal performance and long life. Proper machine maintenance can guarantee its longevity. However, if you ignore essential oil changes, your machine may wear. If you want your machine to last long, you should learn how to change the oil. Below is a simple guideline on the machine’s oil change.

1. Reasons for changing the oil in a pressure washer

One of the main reasons for changing oil is to ensure that your machine operates efficiently, safely, and smoothly. Most manufacturers recommend that you change your oil after 3 to 5 months. The pressure washer machine uses a high-pressure pump to operate. In addition, the pump is responsible for producing enough water pressure for your cleaning process.

Therefore, regular oil change ensures that your device is well lubricated and operates optimally. The main benefit of using clean oil is an extended life cycle. Also, ensure that you use the recommended oil.

In addition, changing the oil helps in reducing overheating. Thus, protecting the seals from cracking as the heat expands.

2. Steps to a pressure washer oil change

Prepare all the necessary tools for an oil change

First, make sure that you have everything you need. Some of the basic tools include;

  • Catch basin
  • Clean oil
  • Funnel
  • 10-millimeter wrench
  • Cleaning rugs

Run the pressure washer for a 3 to 5 minutes

The purpose of running the machine is to ensure that the oil warms up. Warm oil flows much better than a cold one. Furthermore, it traps dust easily. The critical point to know is that the machine may be hot. Thus, ensure to handle it with caution to avoid injury.

Drain the oil

The next step will require you to drain the oil. First, remove the reservoir’s access bolt to relieve pressure. You can use the wrench to remove the bolt. After removing the bolt, you can proceed to drain the oil.

There are four methods you can use to extract oil from the pump. They include;

  • Pumping the oil: you can use an electrical suction or a hand-operated pump.
  • Use a suction gun to suction it.
  • Use the oil drain plug to drain the oil.
  • Tilt the pressure washing to pour the oil into a container.
  • Drain it from the bottom of the oil pan using the oil drain plug.

Place the used oil into a container

After draining the oil, place it into a container. Then, you can choose to take the oil to a recycling factory. The factory will clean the oil and make sure it is ready for recycling. Afterward, place the bolt back in place.

Refill the oil

At this step, make sure to read the user manual for guidance. However, most suppliers use non-detergent pump oil. Take a funnel and pour clean oil till it is ¾ full in the pump. Then close up the pump.


The pressure washer requires optimal care for it to guarantee longevity. One of the ways to increase its life expectancy is through proper oil maintenance. The above simple steps will guide you on effectively changing your oil.


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